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09 June 2008 @ 06:18 pm

Last thursday was gradnite! When we got into Disneyland it was basically them trying to get us to sign up for a free scholarship and if you do then you get free headphones. lol so I got a pair. Then it was just walking around and watching some dancers dance on 2 stages. Then we took pictures with Micky & Co. Later we planned on entering Tomorrowland first so we could get into Space Mountain but we had to wait till they actually opened that portion of Disneyland. Once they did everyone ran and we had to hold hands so we wouldnt get lost. Once we got near Space Mountain that was closed too. So we had to wait... so we decided to go dancing. After a while we went back to Space Mountain and the wait was around 100 mins. Afterwards, I think we went onto the Buzz Lightyear ride & I got a pretty high score. Then I think we went to Splash Mountain. One of our guy friends (BJ) bought the picture. It was weird cause at first we (as in Jeanette, Ivonne, Esther and I) wanted it to be just the 4 of us. But some how it ended up being 9 of us. We ended up spending most of gradnite with 2 guys that we knew and the other 3 happened to be their friends. lol and Esther was trying to get a "banana split" (meaning she wanted to 'split' from them so it could be us 4) It was our code word for the night. Then around 3AM i think, we went to Sleeping Beautys castle to watch the fireworks show. Then Esther wanted to go dancing back in Tomorrowland for the rest of the morning which was about a couple hours. So we ended up getting a partial banana split cause BJ decided to join us.
I was kind of expecting a parade...


The day afterwards was senior clearance. We had to get signatures from the library, ASB, and counselors. Then Jeanette wanted to go to my house for a while. & Esther said she got a $500 scholarship... Im not sure if that was from Disneyland or not.. Yeah, so Jeanette and I just crashed at my house. All we did was eat and sleep. lol I didnt take a shower till 7PM xD

lol yeah... so Ive spent the weekend recovering from gradnite..
HOW CRAZY were going to be graduating..... 
I need to make an appointment with a councelor pronto..
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