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10 December 2008 @ 03:46 pm
A Trip to America  
Had to get that out cause my dang mom turned off her phone.. wth, its usually on!
I remember on the syllabus our prof. wrote that we didn't have to take the final if we got straight A's on the tests and came to class on time everyday. But I guess she became more lenient or forgot. I guess extra credit and quizzes get added onto the tests scores? lol i dunno. But now I have to e-mail her a paragraph of "how I did it". It = accomplishing getting to not take the final.

In retrospect, according to the title, I'm landing in America. lol, but wtf I'm already in America?
Meaning, my interest is music has moved towards American music for now. I'm not one for American pop that's why I'm usually "in" Korea and Japan, but occasionally I find some good American rock music. So, what have I found? Well, after the Jonas Brothers' "Love Bug" & "Burnin Up", (lol yes I listen to them xD) I got into The All American Rejects again. I found their "Dirty Little Secret" song annoying so I havent been "following" them. But, after I watched some MTV playlist on TV, I have rekindled my liking for The AAR.

I found some funny icons from their "Gives You Hell" MV
The MV is really funny xD
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