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12 January 2009 @ 04:49 pm
Its a pretty easy one. Babysitting gets you hungry though.
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05 January 2009 @ 06:20 pm
Short Term:
I promise to read Breaking Dawn all this week
& to go shopping one more time before school starts, if not then this month!
& to not waste money and watch out for my ego (lol tarot cards)

Long Term:
Read more
Study harder
Be more responsible
Keep my cellphone with me more often


Maybe Ill edit this later...

That's all Ive eaten so far today.. Ive been separated from them for too long.

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Current Music: Girls' Generation - Gee
02 January 2009 @ 11:57 am
& What better way to start off the new year w/ something like this...

lol, the beginning annoys the heck out of me. ugh, wtf Bong? take off those crazy shades and gloves, wait no, just change your whole wardrobe!

The MV is very Justin Timberlake style... & I cant believe he's only 18. What is happening to this world? xD First he's in clubs where he's not suppose to be, now I suppose he picked up a girl from the club & said "lets do another mv together" lol & if you watch the mv with english subs, he says something like, "dont ask my age" and "Im all grown up." Ugh, more engrish.

Towards the end of the mv I was like this.. o__o.. What happened? Did Bong influence you? Dont listen to him! xD

10 December 2008 @ 03:46 pm
Had to get that out cause my dang mom turned off her phone.. wth, its usually on!
I remember on the syllabus our prof. wrote that we didn't have to take the final if we got straight A's on the tests and came to class on time everyday. But I guess she became more lenient or forgot. I guess extra credit and quizzes get added onto the tests scores? lol i dunno. But now I have to e-mail her a paragraph of "how I did it". It = accomplishing getting to not take the final.

In retrospect, according to the title, I'm landing in America. lol, but wtf I'm already in America?
Meaning, my interest is music has moved towards American music for now. I'm not one for American pop that's why I'm usually "in" Korea and Japan, but occasionally I find some good American rock music. So, what have I found? Well, after the Jonas Brothers' "Love Bug" & "Burnin Up", (lol yes I listen to them xD) I got into The All American Rejects again. I found their "Dirty Little Secret" song annoying so I havent been "following" them. But, after I watched some MTV playlist on TV, I have rekindled my liking for The AAR.

I found some funny icons from their "Gives You Hell" MV
The MV is really funny xD
13 November 2008 @ 06:43 pm
lol yeah I always procastinate...
& the new semester is coming quickly.
Ive been having an identity crisis lately.
lol. first it was graphic design, then it was dental hygiene & now its anthropology.
But what will I do with an anthropology associates? What career am I going to pursue?
ugh, I know different cultures get me interested but what kind of well paying job is there?
Plus I dont want to waste my time taking the wrong GEs.
Theyre not helping when they say "Take dental" or "Take pharmacy" or "Im pretty sure youll find what you want"
Hopefully the trip to the Philippines will help.


On a lighter note, Im doing pretty well in my classes.
I thought Psyc was going to be hard but studying really pays off.
Im really looking foward to next year.
I hope my classes will be more entertaining.
& make new friends
Current Music: Big Bang - Strong Baby (Seung Ri Solo)
12 November 2008 @ 08:17 pm
Update for my journals sake. lol
Eh, so life has been pretty entertaining these days.
Its like some rainbow came through my window despite the rain.
I can only thank my hobbies.

What have I been up to after a long hiatus?
Besides Jens debut practice.. Ive been working on my moms scarf.
Im running out of yarn! I need to buy more...
& Ive been wanting to make a Grace Lace Beret, but its really complicated.
Ill just start off easy..

This journal needs a makeover!
Current Music: Utada Hikaru - Fight the Blues
22 August 2008 @ 08:21 pm
This is the first time I feel like Im putting effort into something. I actually feel like Im trying my best instead of lazing around. Im sorry if I cant remember things that well. Why cant the devil understand? Why must it find faults? Why must it never praise and say sorry or I understand?

You cheated dad. You left the devil early only to leave me stranded; only connected by a wire. I hate you. I miss you. Happy early birthday.
Current Mood: crappy
01 August 2008 @ 05:18 pm
I have neglected my blog, as I always do. I just felt like posting after being antisocial for a few days.

Last weekend it was my mom's friend's mother's husband's death anniversary. lol, did you get that? I guess I can shorten it to my mom's friend's husband. He was really old. Somewhere around the early 80's. We're taking care of his wife. Its strange living with an old person but you get used to it. Anyway, she has a really big family. I'm surprised we fit most of them in the house downstairs. I played around with the kids while we watched Spiderman. The funny part was there was this pedo "priest". He's not really a priest but I like calling him that. It fits the whole pedo priest scandal a few years ago. I think he said he was some spiritual leader who helps people. Not sure. lol but he kept saying I was pretty and all. My friend Billie Jean joked around pretending to be the priest and I replied, "Its all for you". xD Another friend named Chris had to stay upstairs until the priest left cause his mom didn't like the priest. lol ridiculous.

College is coming up rather quickly (Ugh, August 18). I'm signed up for English 114: Intro to Composition, Psychology 101, and Math 45: Algebra. I despise math. lol. I'm looking forward to riding the bus everyday and making new friends. I hope I get a chance to buy some decent clothes besides graphic tees and Roxy jackets. I need to sort out what I'm going to keep and throw out/sell/donate. Ive also decided to major in Dental Hygiene. (Have I found my calling? haha Clasko moment)

Lately Ive been wanting to read The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Strangely its narrated by a dog. Its about a dog named Enzo who wants to become a man pretty much. It kind of reminds me of Speed Racer; how he wanted to become just like his older brother and compete in race car driving.

Any books you reccomend?
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09 June 2008 @ 06:18 pm

Last thursday was gradnite! When we got into Disneyland it was basically them trying to get us to sign up for a free scholarship and if you do then you get free headphones. lol so I got a pair. Then it was just walking around and watching some dancers dance on 2 stages. Then we took pictures with Micky & Co. Later we planned on entering Tomorrowland first so we could get into Space Mountain but we had to wait till they actually opened that portion of Disneyland. Once they did everyone ran and we had to hold hands so we wouldnt get lost. Once we got near Space Mountain that was closed too. So we had to wait... so we decided to go dancing. After a while we went back to Space Mountain and the wait was around 100 mins. Afterwards, I think we went onto the Buzz Lightyear ride & I got a pretty high score. Then I think we went to Splash Mountain. One of our guy friends (BJ) bought the picture. It was weird cause at first we (as in Jeanette, Ivonne, Esther and I) wanted it to be just the 4 of us. But some how it ended up being 9 of us. We ended up spending most of gradnite with 2 guys that we knew and the other 3 happened to be their friends. lol and Esther was trying to get a "banana split" (meaning she wanted to 'split' from them so it could be us 4) It was our code word for the night. Then around 3AM i think, we went to Sleeping Beautys castle to watch the fireworks show. Then Esther wanted to go dancing back in Tomorrowland for the rest of the morning which was about a couple hours. So we ended up getting a partial banana split cause BJ decided to join us.
I was kind of expecting a parade...


The day afterwards was senior clearance. We had to get signatures from the library, ASB, and counselors. Then Jeanette wanted to go to my house for a while. & Esther said she got a $500 scholarship... Im not sure if that was from Disneyland or not.. Yeah, so Jeanette and I just crashed at my house. All we did was eat and sleep. lol I didnt take a shower till 7PM xD

lol yeah... so Ive spent the weekend recovering from gradnite..
HOW CRAZY were going to be graduating..... 
I need to make an appointment with a councelor pronto..
Current Mood: tired
01 June 2008 @ 03:57 pm

Prom was fun last night! It was basically a whole lot of dancing. & I saw things I didnt want to see xD 
Before prom I went to a restaurant with a few friends. We only ate cake though... and a slice was like $13. There was 4 of us so we rotated plates. The tiramisu was my favorite. Afterwards it was straight to the Aerospace Museum in Balboa park. All we really did was say hi to people, take pictures and dance. There were also little hamburgers and pizzas that were like the size of a roll of tape. We were going to take the professional pictures but decided not to. 

Then came dancing. It was fun, & harmless. Well, actually I stepped on this girls foot with my heels. lol. omg, and I swear this guy was high or something... all he did was dance. & he was dancing with at least 4 different girls. & you can guess what they did. I was waiting for some Daft Punk and was happy they played One More Time.  Everyone dancing sang along. lol and when they caught people dancing inappropriately they stopped the music and played the electric slide and some country music. 

Current Mood: happy
Current Music: SHINee - Noona is so pretty (Replay)