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02 January 2009 @ 11:57 am
& What better way to start off the new year w/ something like this...

lol, the beginning annoys the heck out of me. ugh, wtf Bong? take off those crazy shades and gloves, wait no, just change your whole wardrobe!

The MV is very Justin Timberlake style... & I cant believe he's only 18. What is happening to this world? xD First he's in clubs where he's not suppose to be, now I suppose he picked up a girl from the club & said "lets do another mv together" lol & if you watch the mv with english subs, he says something like, "dont ask my age" and "Im all grown up." Ugh, more engrish.

Towards the end of the mv I was like this.. o__o.. What happened? Did Bong influence you? Dont listen to him! xD