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13 November 2008 @ 06:43 pm
lol yeah I always procastinate...
& the new semester is coming quickly.
Ive been having an identity crisis lately.
lol. first it was graphic design, then it was dental hygiene & now its anthropology.
But what will I do with an anthropology associates? What career am I going to pursue?
ugh, I know different cultures get me interested but what kind of well paying job is there?
Plus I dont want to waste my time taking the wrong GEs.
Theyre not helping when they say "Take dental" or "Take pharmacy" or "Im pretty sure youll find what you want"
Hopefully the trip to the Philippines will help.


On a lighter note, Im doing pretty well in my classes.
I thought Psyc was going to be hard but studying really pays off.
Im really looking foward to next year.
I hope my classes will be more entertaining.
& make new friends
Current Music: Big Bang - Strong Baby (Seung Ri Solo)